I’m just a woman, wife and mother who likes plants, books and dark chocolate, hates folding laundry, loves a clean kitchen, often avoids personal conflict (Hi I’m an INFJ, enneagram 9w1), nerds out over children’s books, wipes boogers and butts on the daily, lives for big hugs from tiny arms, digs all those crazy health hacks, and really wants life to be about soaking in the little “in between” moments, connecting the dots for accessing life’s potential, and creating a wake of truth and beauty. I’m showing up here to write about it all.

Here’s what I really want for this blog…

I learn and process and retain through writing. I want this to be a reflection of my growth and learning through life, a kind of journal if you will. And if, by chance, it sparks some kind of understanding, clarity, passion or purpose in you as well, then that is an outcome better than I could presuppose.

I have a lot of questions and I do a lot of research trying to find answers. It’s these thoughts and trails that I hope to share here. The goal for me is finding rhythms of beauty and strength whether I find myself in the blooming growth of spring, the rich warmth of summer, the mysterious transition of autumn, or the cold rebirth of winter. I’m speaking metaphorically, but you get the picture—seeking the well-rounded life through ups and downs.

Cordially Yours,

Lachelle O’Connell